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May 16 2015

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My uncle offered to give me a ride to my boarding school. The drive took quite a bit longer than usual. It seems my body kept getting my uncle aroused and he found it hard to concentrate on driving. He had to pull over to secluded areas, drag me by my hair and fuck my skull until he came like a canon in my throat.
He said he did it for my own safety seeing that the huge boner in his pants was making it uncomfortable. I suggested he stop finger fucking me as he drove as this may be causing his arousal but he ignored me. We also kept stopping for snacks although he ate my cunt while I to wait until he shoved his flag pole of a cock down my throat before I got fed.
When we finally made to my school he lifted me up and impaled me on his cock in his car. It seemed like I was bouncing on his man meat for, like, forever before he shot his load into me. Thus I met my headmaster with my uncle’s cum running down my leg and a quart of his semen in my tummy.
I told the headmaster everything that happened to me on the ride to school. He listened very attentively asking me lots of detailed questions. I thought he was going to phone my ma but instead he bent me over his desk and fucked me in my ass. Apparently I get him aroused as well.

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Moja słodka księżniczka idzie na studia. Wyprowadza się. Obiecała mi, że pożegna się ze mną jak dobra córka z ojcem, ale nie sądziłem, że sprawy przybiorą taki obrót...
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Własne dzieci trzeba traktować twardo i uczyć je dyscypliny oraz szacunku do rodziców. Zwłaszcza córka powinna znać swoje miejsce w rodzinie - na kolanach, z kutasem ojca w ustach.
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Nie dość, że Andżela jest najśliczniejszą, najsłodszą córeczką jaką mógłbym sobie wymarzyć, to na dodatek kocha umilać swojemu ojcu czas pozując przede mną w tak seksownych pozach, jakich nie powstydziłyby się zawodowe modelki. Jestem taki dumny z mojej małej brzoskwinki...
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Tonight’s meeting of Hotties For Heels is now in session. Roll call:

Nice meeting and I want include lisett1230 in the meeting.

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